4 effective residential & commercial cleaning services

4 effective residential & commercial cleaning services
08 Jul 2020

Cleaning is essential to keep any space germs & bacteria. Whether it is a room or a workplace, proper cleaning & maintenance is highly important. It helps to keep dust & dirt away from the property. As a result, the chances of spreading germs will also be decreased. In this blog, we are going to share with you 4 essential & affordable expert cleaning services. Let's start the discussion below.

Carpet cleaning:

Carpet cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning services widely used for both commercial and residential services. A carpet is a very common furnishing product. Over time, dirt, dirt, stains, & spills are absorbed into the carpet fibre & they make the carpet very dirty. So, it needs to be cleaned professionally. A carpet can be washed in many ways. Some major types of carpet cleaning services are professional vacuuming, carpet shampooing, carpet dry cleaning, etc. Experts always suggest cleaning the carpet professionally at least twice a year.

Washroom cleaning:

Washroom is a place where regular cleaning & maintenance is extremely necessary. A dirty washroom can spread germs and bacteria. If you want to keep your office washroom clean properly, you should hire professional cleaning experts in London. Experts offer a premium range of washroom cleaning services at the lowest price. Experts offer specific cleaning solutions that kill all types of germs & bacteria and clean the washroom floor effectively. They give special attention to the toilets. Apart from that, they spray air freshener to remove foul smell. 

End of tenancy cleaning:

End of tenancy cleaning is highly essential for the renters and tenants. If you are a renter leaving the property, you should keep the property perfectly clean before you leave. You should hire professionals for end of lease cleaning services. End of tenancy cleaning mainly consists of 

  • Vacuuming & dusting upholstery, carpets and rugs.
  • Polishing & cleaning glass surfaces, doors, windows, and mirrors.
  • Mopping & vacuuming hard floors.
  • Dusting & wiping the hard surfaces.
  • Cleaning outside & inside all kitchen cabinets & appliances.
  • Scrubbing sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.
  • Extractor cleaning
  • Hob cleaning
  • Microwave, toaster & kettle cleaning
  • Free decoration

Daily cleaning

Last but not the least, daily or regular cleaning service helps to keep the room or office environment fresh and bacteria free. Professional daily cleaning consists of

  • Dusting & vacuuming the floors
  • Cleaning the photo frames & ornaments
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Dusting furniture, lamp shades, shelves, skirting boards, etc.
  • Cleaning bins
  • Vacuuming carpets & upholstery
  • Sanitising the bathrooms
  • Washing the toilets
  • Cleaning the kitchen walls & floors
  • Scrubbing the sinks & countertops
  • Cleaning mirrors

When it comes to the property cleaning, it's better to leave the job to the cleaning experts. They have years of experience in this field. So, you will expect a better & effective cleaning result from them.

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