Washroom Cleaning Services
Washroom Cleaning Services

Washroom Cleaning Services

Your washrooms or toilets are where your employees, visitors or customers judge for the overall cleanliness of your premises. Devoue Cleaning are experienced in the delivery of washroom and hygiene services. We offer complete washroom cleaning solutions for small and large businesses.

How can Devoue help you with Washroom Cleaning?

  • We can carry out all aspects of daily or regular washroom and toilet cubicle cleaning and one-off or periodic deep cleans.
  • We help maintain a high level of cleanliness of your toilets & washrooms to make a good impression.
  • We can help in improving the level of hygiene in your washroom which will help maintain the health and safety of your visitors and your employees.

From sanitary disposal to air fresheners, our Washroom cleaning services include;

  • Thorough sanitisation, removal and disposal of Sanitary napkins, feminine hygiene waste and baby nappy disposal according to waste regulations.
  • We ensure units are fitted with clinical waste sacks and sanitised on every empty.
  • Ensure Air Freshening systems are working properly to remove any unpleasant odours.
  • Ensures a fresh and clean environment.
  • Hand care items including soap dispensers, paper towels, and warm air dryers are well kept.
  • Ensuring the floors are clean, moped, dry and free from bad odours.

We can also offer a range of quality washroom services tailored to your precise needs. We guarantee to deliver an exceptionally high quality service that meets your exact needs.

Need Regular washroom services?

Please contact us on 0207 511 1917   /    073 9817 7770 and we will be happy to help develop a bespoke solution to meet your business premises and operational needs.

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